Brush Lettering: Capital Letters

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Try this lesson after mastering the basic strokes!
shiho will teach you how to write casual, elegant and sophisticated capital letters of the alphabet!

In this lesson, those who have mastered the basic strokes of brush lettering
will learn to write capital letters of the alphabet.

Brush lettering tends to look casual because of the texture of the pen,
but shiho will teach you how to write letters that are casual but also elegant!

By learning how to write feminine and stylish letters, you can write cards and messages
and make use of this skill in many other occasions!

In another lesson, "Brush Lettering: Basic Strokes"
shiho taught you how to write the strokes used in brush lettering and practice them before you start writing words.

In this lesson, make use of those strokes to write the alphabet.

Print out shiho's original sheet attached to this lesson,
and actually practice while following the lesson!

While writing the alphabet from A to Z,
shiho will teach you the key points to write well-balanced letters!

Specifically, you will learn:

◯Rules to writing beautiful letters
◯Solutions when it's hard to write it all in one stroke
◯How to arrange the letters

and many more will be taught.

Please learn how to write shiho's casual yet elegant letters that are well-balanced!

Mastering how to write capital letters will greatly increase the range of what you can write!

You will be able to give words written in just lowercase letters more rhythm if they're combined with capital letters,
and be able to create pieces with just initials.

Print out the practice worksheet attached to this lesson, and let's practice a lot!

After practicing many times, try to connect the letters and write your favorite words.

On how to connect letters, refer to this other lesson "Brush lettering: Words"which will teach you how to do that!
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