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Oyster Copper Turquoise

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HIDEKAZU's elegant turquoise design is here!
This lesson will be on a refreshing turquoise design--perfect for this hot summer!

A summer classic!
This lesson will be on creating a stylish turquoise design, but with extra color and shine of the gemstone!

As summer approaches, requests for turquoise designs increase.
It's cool and elegant, so it's perfect to wear for various events in the summer.

However, some nail artists say:

"I'm always using the same blue..."
"I want to add variation"
"I want to create a turquoise design that is unique!"

I'm sure some nail artists out there think like this.

So, this lesson will be on a realistic and cute cracked gemstone design that uses orange and white along with blue!

Specifically, the lesson covers topics such as:

◆How to make the colors look blended and cloudy
◆How to add variation to color as it is applied
◆How to create realistic looking gemstone cracks
◆Extra steps for subtle details
◆How to add extra depth

...among other things. With this lesson, even first-timers can do a beautiful job.
It's packed with tips, tricks, and techniques.

With HIDEKAZU's detailed explanations, the turquoise design will be
refreshingly different from your usual turquoise nail.

Since it is a classic design, many tend to use only one color for turquoise, but adding white and orange can expand the variation of the style.

It is a casual design, so it'll look great for all kinds of summer events!

Changing the colors or adding silver accessories...
there are so many ways to change this look.

Utilize HIDEKAZU's turquoise design to add another item on your salon menu, just in time for this upcoming season!