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Vintage Bohemian Flowers

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A design with a great vintage feel!
This time we will make a flower design that looks like it's straight from a vintage dress!

The design is fun with plenty of color options.
You will learn how to make a flowery piece that is elegant and pretty while achieving a great sense of detail
in the characteristic style of our teacher Hidekazu.

Hidekazu is popular for his fashionable nail art pieces
that are cool and cute at the same time.

His creative and chic designs are well known, but this time Hidekazu does a step-by-step lesson of a slightly vintage flower design that still feels fresh and sophisticated.

Let's do a brand new and exciting version of the classic flower nail art in the special style of Hidekazu.

The lesson thoroughly explains the most important tips for creating this cool flower design that is perfect for the coming season.

Specifically, the video includes

◆The trick for balancing the flowers well
◆How to use colors to make the design more graceful
◆Tips on making the artwork seem more intricate
◆One step to add some subtle variation to the flowers

and much more, so you can learn the techniques for making a sweet flower design that suits adults too.

As always, Hidekazu has filled the lesson with detailed ideas and techniques so it has a ton of content.

The special point of this design is the huge amount of possibilities with color.
After learning the process and important tips, you'll be able to create a wide range of combinations.

It's amusing how even with a slight change of color or way of drawing, the atmosphere of the art changes considerably.

You can try switching the base color according to what the customer would like,
or change the flower type to make it fit the season.

Go on and enjoy playing around with all kinds of combinations to make the design fit your taste!
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