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Larimar Stone

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A natural stone nail design essential for summer!
Learn to make vibrant nails fashioned after larimar stone.

This tutorial will teach you how to make nails that resemble larimar stones.
The eye-catching blue stone is a great idea for cool summer nails.

A glassy surface is what makes this piece by HIDEKAZU look so realistic.

A transparent yet vivid result is achieved through brush techniques and unique applications of color.

This lesson focuses on how to create a see-through effect
and explains the simple steps for making larimar-like nails.

You can apply the teacher's methods right away for quicker salon-work.

Besides that, you will learn

◯How to draw elaborate lines
◯The trick to making a dynamic water's surface pattern
◯A special finishing touch for a fresh look

and much more, making sure you will succeed in creating larimar nails that look like real stones.

This quick nail art piece will become indispensable to your salon!

These tips are all you need to make the design in no time at all, so why not learn them for summer?

Switch things up by painting only part of the nail, and decorate with gemstones like in the picture.

The design will look stunning as summery toenails as well.

Even though the actual stone is blue, nothing is stopping you from using different colors,
so go on and try out your own ideas!
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