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Mirror Flowers

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These elegant mirror nails are excellent for a refined style!
Learn how to make this shimmery nail art by our teacher, mayu.

This time we will teach you how to make a glittery flower design.
These mirror nails look perfectly sophisticated and suit a mature style.

Even though mirror nails are a staple in nail art, you might be struggling with them being too flashy for many customers.

These mirror nails by mayu are made with no mirror powder,
but they still have just the right amount of shimmer to them.

The design is calm yet looks vibrant, so it can be recommended
even to those customers who feel like regular mirror nails don't fit them.

In this lesson, we will show you both the silver and green versions,
so you can learn the metallic and colored designs in one go.

◯The number of petals needed depending on the nail size
◯A trick for making the style look both sparkling and calm
◯How to add depth to the design
◯The way of adjusting the amount of glitter

...and other topics become the focus of this lesson.

You will learn how to layer on a square frame and add stones on top of the nail art.

These mirror nails have an outstanding amount of possible color variations.
The two ways of making the design taught in the video
enable you to make any kind of color version later on.

It's a great flowery piece that can be modified for any season by only changing the colors.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn the latest design by mayu which is excellent for your salon work!