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wild flowers

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Floral designs in ryo's style that's great for spring!
Learn to draw 4 types of flowers that are sophisticated, cute and realistic.

In this lesson, learn to create ryo's newest artwork inspired by herbarium bottles.
This floral nail design with small flowers scattered on the nails is a sophisticated design.

Floral designs are a staple of nail art;
let's update them to be on trend.

The biggest charm of ryo's floral art is its delicateness.

Using only gel and a certain other something, paint flowers so realistic that they can be mistaken for nail stickers.

Floral designs can tend to look girly, but they can also be made sophisticated and stylish.

This nail design is suitable for those who like simple and beautiful styles.

This lesson focuses on:

◯How to choose and apply the base color so the other colors look more pigmented
◯What to use when trying to make it look realistic
◯How to create the look quickly and efficiently in the salon
◯How to stick them on like jewels as a supplementary design

and includes many other points as well.

The 4 types of flowers will be taught while creating each of the 5 nails,
so you can follow each step exactly in your salon work.

Once you master the brushwork and key points to creating a delicate look, you can freely arrange the design any way you want!

This time, 4 types of flowers will be painted on 5 fingers,
but you can also combine a single flower with other designs,
or paint the same type of flower on all 5 fingers.

Learn how to paint these beautiful flowers and create balanced designs, and use ryo's wild flowers widely in your salon work!
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