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Envelope Sachet

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Feel free to customize!
A lesson on how to make a sachet in the shape of an envelope!

In this lesson, you will be taught how to make an envelope sachet that you can customize freely to your own liking.

It's a cute aromatic sachet that you can use for interior decoration.

An aroma wax sachet is an aromatic candle that is made from candle wax and can be displayed in your house as an ornament.
It's known as a kind of candle that gives out a sweet fragrance without being lit.

It can be put in your room or hung as a decoration, pleasing to the sense of both sight and smell.

Using a silicon mold to make sachets is the orthodox way of doing things,
but in this lesson, you will be using a method that doesn't use a mold.

Recommended both for those who have experience and are hooked on making sachets,
as well as those who would like to spruce up their interior with a little something!

Today's lesson will focus on how to create a beautiful envelope shape.

In addition to that, you will also learn
◯How to use a sealing stamp
◯How to include dried flowers in an envelope sachet
◯What to take note of when using dried flowers
and more.

You can make a simple envelope sachet just by following the basic method,
or you could also make use of the fundamentals while adding a special touch with dried flowers!

Also, you could make something other than an envelope, or change what you use to decorate it with and have fun making all sorts of variations.

Master this envelope sachet that's both fun to make and looks good on your shelf
and have fun making lots of variations of it!
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