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Parfum Candle

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The possibilities are endless! A candle perfect for spring and summer!

In this lesson, learn to make candles styled after perfume bottles.
Recreate the charm of a perfume bottle with a candle.

"Parfum" is perfume in French.
You will learn to make a scented candle that looks as if it's a real perfume bottle.
Use them to decorate your room, or give them away as gifts.

The key point in this lesson is how to form the shape.

Not only will you see how to melt the wax, but you'll also
learn how to form it into many different shapes.
While focusing on the basics of wax shaping, the tutorial explains in detail how to form beautiful shapes.

And other than that, learn

◯How to combine the wax using a silicone mold
◯ How to create tassel ribbons that make use of the characteristics of wax
◯One extra step for a beautiful finish

and much more.
The steps will be explained in detail.

As long as you master the basic process, you will be able to make candles in any number of variations!
Depending on the combinations, you can make shapes other than the one taught in the lesson.

You can also change the parts and the colors
to give it a different feeling with different color combinations.

You can make a pink candle, just like in the lesson.
But green and blue shades that give off a cool vibe are also cute.

Also, it's possible to make them in different sizes and shapes by changing the amount of wax.
It would look cute to make multiple in small sizes and lining them up together.

Please try many variations and make your own original parfum candles!

※On how to measure wax, please refer to the lesson on basics
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