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Creating Various Styles of Modern Calligraphy

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Comes with Ms. Shimano's original guid sheet! (Available after purchasing)

Take this lesson once you have learned how to write the alphabet letters.
It teaches how to create different styles of the alphabets and let you create various designs of letters

This lesson shows how to create different font styles, based on
the modern calligraphy alphabets that you have learned in the previous lessons.

The most fun thing about modern calligraphy is that it has no rules
and the letters can be modified in many different shapes.

To make the most out of this versatile modern calligraphy,
we will modify a letter in various different designs.

This lesson shows how to modify the letters "M", "H", and "K"
to teach how you can create different styles.

Understanding how to modify these letters lets you apply the technique to other letters
and you will be able to give different looks to any letters you like.

It will certainly expand your range of expression.

A letter will have a very different look even if you add a small touch.
So enjoy how the letters change and practice.

This lesson comes with a worksheet which you can download and practice as many times as you like!

Students to this lesson can download the worksheet
from the bottom of the video.

Make several copies of the worksheet
and practice many times as you watch the lesson.
*Not a traceable practice sheet, but a sheet with guidelines.

You can start by modifying the letters introduced in the tutorial,
and apply the techniques to other alphabet letters.

And you can also create your own original styles!

If you haven't learned how to write the modern calligraphy alphabets, start from
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