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Mimosa Embroidery

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"Level: Advanced"
Trend embroidery art finally lifting ban!

How to make flower embroidery art which is popular this season was finally released! In addition, it is a must see because how to make the base denim is also a technique of scales from the eyes. We will explain the points of brush strokes and the method of adjusting gel amount in an easy-to-understand way.

◯How to make BLC's denim art
◯Correct usage of corn brush's
◯How to adjust the amount of gel
◯How to make Mimosa embroidery and its balance
◯Formulation method of color

By watching this video, you can master all the above.

{From Prof. Saori Tanabe
"Mimosa embroidery is also popular art in the salon. Since quality will be improved by how to use color and give a three-dimensional feeling, please try it as a reference.♪"
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