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Basic Stroke Practice -Letter Connections/Word-

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Comes with Ms. Shimano's original guid sheet! (Available after purchasing)

Take this lesson once you have learned how to write the alphabet letters.
It teaches the basics of connecting letters and lets you practice writing words!

This lesson shows how to form words with the letters
that you have learned in the previous lessons.

It is important to know not just the tips of writing each alphabet
but also how to connect the letters together.

This lesson demonstrates how to nicely connect the letters and form words,
using two types of "thank you" as examples.

◯The rule for connecting letters
◯What to remember when practicing with the guide sheet
◯How to decide the letter size to keep the word balance

It explains various tips and points including the above.

You will be able to learn the direction of the nib and the movement of the wrist
by watching how the instructor writes in the tutorial.

This lesson comes with a worksheet which you can download and practice as many times as you like!

Students to this lesson can download the worksheet
from the bottom of the video.

Make several copies of the worksheet
and practice many times as you watch the lesson.
*Not a traceable practice sheet, but a sheet with guidelines.

Once you have learned how to write the two types of "thank you",
try writing letters in your own style.

If you haven't learned how to write modern calligraphy, start from
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