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Box Frame

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A quick design you can use all year!
Today's lesson will be on a stylish and sporty secondary design!

This lesson will be on a street-style design that can be done quickly.

If you have clients who like simple designs or casual-style fashion,
try this secondary design by mayu.

Nail art is often feminine.

Designs that are mainly pink or have flower motifs are always popular,
and there are tons of designs that are feminine.

"I want a design that I can provide for those who enjoy casual fashion..."
"I wonder if there's a stylish design that would match street-style fashion..."
Have you had similar thoughts?

This lesson's nail design will solve all of those problems.

This lesson will teach you how to effortlessly create a casual style! It includes:

◯Tips on how to make a clean stripe pattern
◯Tips on how to create movement even in a simple design
◯How to position a frame proportionately on the nail

and more.

This will teach you everything you need to know to complete the design beautifully.

This is also perfect for nail artists who struggle with
not being able to use up colors like orange and black that are more casual.

By using colors that are usually not used in feminine designs,
you can create a cute but cool look, so please try this out!

Also, color combination possibilities are endless.

For those who want a simple design, it'll look good with a monotone theme,
and for those who are focusing on stylish designs, using this lesson's vivid colors can help to create cool nails.

Please try it out using any colors!
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