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A transparent, botanical design!
A lesson on stylish, spring-summer nail art made up of a mix of different materials.

Today's lesson will teach you how to make a clear, bouquet-like design.
It's a stylish, sophisticated design with impact.

The key point for today's lesson is the complicated overlapping of various materials.

You'll be making use of a number of materials to make the bouquet, but it won't just be about simply overlapping them.

To create a balanced bouquet, it's important to consider the positioning of each of its components.
Moreover, you will be taught how to keep the overall form of the bouquet even as you layer on the materials.

In addition, you will learn...

◯An additional step when preparing the base layer to make it more stylish
◯Tips on how to create depth and a 3-dimensional look to make the bouquet seem like it's suspended in liquid
◯What to take note of when layering on the various materials
◯How to make a rectangular frame with even sides

and more.

It's a lesson filled with pointers on how to create a well-arranged design even while making layers that overlap in all directions.

Once you master the art of creating a bouquet, you're free to customize it any way you want.

In this lesson, a rectangular frame, lettering, and neon pink accents are added to the bouquet,
making it a very trendy design, but go ahead and change it to fit your customers' or your own preferences.

You'll be taught how to stick on a rectangular frame and how to make neon pink decorations to use as accents, so master these techniques as well while you learn how to make this bouquet design!