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Candy-like Shrink Plastic Balls

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Make use of leftover pieces of shrink plastic!
Learn how to use up shrink plastic without wasting any bits!

In this lesson, learn how to turn leftovers from other shrink plastic projects
into cute shrink plastic balls that look like candy!

Add color to shrink plastic, and watch as it shrinks in the toaster.

They have a beautiful transparent finish and can be used in a variety of accessories.

Saori Shiba's lessons use shrink plastic
to create delicate, sophisticated, and cute flower accessories.

When making shrink plastic pieces, you might feel troubled
over how to use up the leftover pieces.

Even while you think it wasteful, it's difficult to find ways to use them up.
You might even have simply thrown them away.

In this lesson, learn in detail how you can easily make use of these leftovers
to create shrink plastic balls that look like candy!

◆How to choose pieces to make the color prettier
◆Temperature setting that differs from flower baking

These and more tips explain how to make use of leftover pieces.

The finished pieces can be added to
earrings, brooches, hairpins, and much more.
Of course, it's also a great idea to combine them with flowers you've previously made!

Match them with flowers to create buds.

As you increase the variation of your shrink plastic art,
you'll be able to make colorful shrink plastic balls from the leftover pieces.

Please try to keep the leftover pieces,
and create colorful and cute shrink plastic balls!
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