Flower Petal Earrings

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Comes with 4 different flower petal designs! (You can download them after completing the purchase)

Saori Shiba teaches you how to make fun shrink plastic accessories!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make delicate, pastel-colored earrings!

This lesson comes with a downloadable design and text instructions!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make sophisticated but cute earrings based on the image of flower petals fluttering in the wind!

You can make accessories that are as cute as sugar candy from a single sheet of shrink plastic.
In this lesson, the teacher will explain how to make light earrings that flutter in the wind.

How do you make these three-dimensional petals with movement?

In this lesson, you will learn in detail how to work with shrink plastic, how to add color to it,
and how to transform the flower petals into earrings!

Saori will also teach you

- How to use colors to create a uniquely nuanced design
- How to make a beautiful color gradation
- How to cut the shrink plastic to prevent cracks
- How to make the flower petals more expressive
- How to add movement to the flower petals

and more, in this easy to understand lesson on
how to make pretty flower petal earrings!

After learning how to make three-dimensional flower petals, you will be able to expand the variety of your designs.
The final look will change a lot just by varying the shapes and colors of the petals.

These sweet earrings can be worn all year round during every season.
You can make multiple sets of earrings in different colors to match your everyday fashion.

You can also turn the design into a necklace, hairpin, or whichever accessory you prefer.

Take this opportunity to master these sweet earrings and start creating wonderful shrink plastic accessories that you will want to wear every day!
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