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Blueberry Flower Earrings

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Comes with an instruction manual on how to make these blueberry flower earrings! (Downloadable once you purchase this lesson)

Comes with an instruction manual that you can download and use!
A lesson on making earrings modelled after blueberry flowers!

The dangling flowers and leaves make for an incredibly cute look! In this lesson, you will learn how to make dainty little earrings based off white blueberry flowers.

Ms. Shiba Saori is an artist who makes homemade shrink plastic art that's as delicate and three-dimensional as candy.

Once a sheet of shrink plastic has been through the hands of Ms. Shiba, it'll be transformed into an unbelievably classy, cute accessory!

In this lecture, Ms Shiba Saori will be teaching you how to make smooth, mellow blueberry flowers.

She will explain the entire process, from how to use shrink plastic to what you have to do to turn the shrink plastic art into earrings. So those who are new to handmade accessories can easily make this as well.

Going into detail, she will teach you

◆How to apply just a bit of color to the center of the flower
◆How to shape the shrink plastic into a pretty flower after heating it
◆How to add movement to the petals to make it look more realistic
◆What to keep in mind and tips on how to attach the earring findings

and more. This is a lesson that's full of pointers to help even beginners make your own 3D accessories without fear of failure.

Once you've learnt how to make this, you can tweak it a bit to apply the techniques to other types of accessories as well.

You can use it for clip-on earrings, necklaces or kanzashi and more. You can make a matching earring and necklace set and give it to your friends.

Do master the art of making these blueberry flower earrings that seem real enough to be accompanied by a pleasant fragrance and widen the range of shrink plastic art that you can make!
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