Dry Flower Boutonniere

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Create a boutonniere using dried flowers!
This lesson is perfect for beginners in flower arrangements!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a dried flower boutonniere.
The instructor will teach you how to deal with dried flowers’ unique texture and create a fancy boutonniere.

A boutonniere is a flower accessory that a groom wears on his collar.

Recently, there are a lot of people who prefer to use
handmade boutonnieres and bouquets at their weddings.

Typically, fresh flowers or preserved flowers are used to create a boutonniere,
but in this lesson, instructor Hisamatsu will teach you how to create a dried flowers boutonniere.

The instructor will give you detailed explanations of how to assemble flowers and
how to create a well-balanced boutonniere.

Moreover, you will also learn:

●How to reinforce brittle petals
●How to place flowers to create a good balance
●The difference in looks between hemp twine and ribbon arrangements

And even more!

Even beginners can try out this lesson!

Furthermore, in the second part of this lesson, the instructor will explain how to store your flowers.

You will learn the tricks and techniques of how to preserve your precious boutonniere
and keep it looking fresh for a long period!

Try out this lesson even if you don’t have experience using dried flowers or
if you are not very good at keeping them fresh,
and learn how to enjoy dried flowers for a long time!
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