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Vintage Daisy

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A flower art nail design that looks like the real thing!
Learn the steps of painting antique-looking daisies.

In this lesson, you will master how to create a mature design of daisies using acrylic paint.

Instructor DAISY will teach you the way of painting details and making realistic flowers.

These preciously white daisies accentuate any style with elegance.

The gentleness of the daisies is combined with a vintage feeling,
making up a design that works when you're dressed-up or going casual.

Besides teaching techniques on painting realistically, the lesson focuses on how to achieve a gentle and antique look for the nails.

Some important points are the usage of color and brush technique.

Besides these, you will also learn in detail:

◯Tricks on painting the texture of the middle part of the daisy
◯The correct order of painting in order to keep the balance
◯Adding light and shadow

And much more!

By drawing many small daisies together, the end result is just cute enough to fit an adult taste as well.

It is a piece that customers who prefer something simple are sure to appreciate.

Another point in favor of this design is how easily it can be matched with other elements.

The base color used for this lesson is a pinkish beige,
but it's possible to change it without losing the lovely vintage touch,
so you can freely try out other colors.

When you're finished with the daisies, why not try your hand at the other flower designs?
Follow up with Vintage Tulip and Vintage Violet to match!