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Vintage Tulip

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Learn how to make a realistic flower art nail design!
This tutorial teaches you how to paint vintage tulips!

This lesson demonstrates how to make a tulip decoration using acrylic paints.

DAISY will instruct you on how to make the design realistic and filled with detail.

Having problems with painting flowers that look delicate and genuine?

It's so difficult, even if you use a photo for reference.
This is a problem many artists have to face.

This session is focused on teaching you how to attain a high level of realistic detail.

Additionally, we will help you with making a mature, vintage feeling for the nails.

Besides these points, DAISY will teach you:

◯How to avoid leaving a dull impression
◯Adjusting the balance of water and paint
◯What size the leaves should be for creating a detailed impression

and much more.

This lesson is filled with tips on using color and brush techniques that are sure to be helpful in the future as well!

The flower works as a stand-alone piece or paired with a second design.

This is a sure hit for customers who ask for a simpler design.

The base color here is a pinkish beige,
but the end effect changes greatly depending on the color you choose,
so you should definitely try out variations after mastering this lesson.

Continue on to trying your hand at these other antique flower designs!
These tulips work great with the vintage daisies design and the vintage viola design, so go ahead and check them out as well!
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