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【chiko】Sparkling Turquoise

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chiko's elegant turquoise nail design!
This lesson will be on this beautiful sparkly turquoise nail design!

It's perfect for this year's spring/summer!
Today's lesson topic will be an elegant and sophisticated turquoise design!

It's been getting very warm recently.
More and more customers are requesting fresh and mature turquoise nails.

In today's lesson, chiko will cover this elegant turquoise design that has just the right touch of the feminine.

Perfect as the main design for those who prefer simpler nails, it's also a great secondary design that will complement bolder nails.
It's ideal for the warmer seasons.

This lesson will explain how to create this mature and classy turquoise design,
while covering the important points with lots of detail!

Specifically, the video includes:

◆Tips on how to make the turquoise look realistic
◆How to add layers to create depth
◆How to add drop art (air bubble patterns)
◆How to create shadows
◆Extra steps to make the design even more elegant

...and more.

This lesson is packed with tips and techniques to create a design with depth that looks like real turquoise.

The tips and tricks learned today can be used for many other designs!

This is especially true for tips like how to make the nail look like real gemstones and how to do drop art. These will be useful in other salon work.

Try a new style of turquoise, especially since it's such a classic look!

Please use this lesson to master this cute but elegant turquoise design, and use it for your spring/summer salon samples.