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【hana】Turquoise Islands

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Cool art, hana style!
A lesson on turquoise art using island imagery perfect for summer!

Cute pastel shades!
In this lesson, hana will teach you how to make turquoise nail art that resembles a world map while giving you all the important tips.

You'll no doubt get increasing requests for turquoise nail art this season; after all, turquoise is sophisticated and refreshing.

It's a design that looks very vivid, but today, hana will teach you how to make
turquoise nail art that is simple yet cute, with a sophisticated charm.

The instructor will explain how to make turquoise nail art that looks as if
you have the world map unfurled at your fingertips!

More specifically, she will teach you

◆How to paint on a gradient quickly
◆How to paint realistic islands
◆How to make the islands look more 3D
◆How to make the finish look even more gorgeous

and more. It's a lesson that's full of tips and tricks to help you create a glamorous piece of nail art.

As long as you can grasp how to craft out the shape of the islands, you'll be able to create a fantastical island pattern easily even on your first try.

A nail design with a beautiful contrast between the turquoise blue base and the islands, this is a splendid design that's perfect for ladies.
It'll make your nails look classy with just the right amount of shimmer.

Once you've learned how to make this nail art, you'll be able to apply the techniques to many other designs!
You can add your own twist to this design by changing the colors used or the shape of the islands, or even by adding some decorative ornaments.

If you think turquoise nail art has gotten old, why not try hana's new take on it?