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【hana】Inside Larimar

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A lesson by teacher Hana from Colors nail!
Learn how to make nail art that imagines the inside of gorgeous blue larimar stone.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a sophisticated natural stone design, emphasizing its blue color.

Having blue as the main color with some additional black accents
makes for a design that suits people from young to old.

The special trait of this piece is its casual brilliance.
By layering on materials that are shiny but not too bold, the result becomes elegant instead of flashy.

The lesson focuses on how to make the design vibrant yet casual.
Instead of only showing what materials to add, Hana explains timing and how to layer on the colors.

Besides that, you will also learn

◯How to draw and arrange realistic fractures
◯What accent colors are good for making the design more detailed
◯How to add a natural-looking stain

and much more.

Hana gives thorough instructions on how to use the brush and blend the colors for a refined look.

As seen in the picture, this pretty but graceful natural stone art doesn't look excessive even when put on three out of five fingers.

The silver and gold parts have excellent compatibility with other pieces, so go ahead and try it out.

Many of the techniques included work for other natural stone designs as well,
so learn this design to get some new skills useful for stone nail art!
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