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【Certificate AvailableSpring-Summer Flower

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Perfect nail art for spring and summer!
This tutorial demonstrates a realistic handpainted flower design in FanFan's style!

In this lesson, learn how to paint a realistic and delicate flower design.
The design is a perfect fit for the spring and summer months, the season of flowers.

By learning to create the Spring-Summer Flower, which uses instructor FanFan's perfected painting techniques,
you can master the basics of FanFan-style handpainted nail art.

FanFan thoroughly explains tricks like brush strokes for creating delicate lines, how to layer colors to create depth,
and many other techniques that are essential for creating quality handpainted flower nail art.

Once you master the basics, you can adapt the techniques for different designs,
so learn about color layering and the best uses for different brushes, and expand your repertoire of handpainted flower nails!

This lesson explains how to paint with gel.
Don't miss the secrets to creating a realistic effect, even with gel.

In addition, the tutorial includes pointers like

◯how to paint a flower with a balanced composition
◯where to add light and shadow
◯how to paint drooping leaves
◯that one extra step to make the painting feel lifelike

and many more.

FanFan thoroughly and carefully explains each step as she paints the flower.

With pink as the base color, the design in this tutorial is especially seasonal.

But you can also use colors like orange, yellow, or light blue to create beautiful Spring-Summer Flowers.

Feel free to use different colors for the flower petals, or add stones and other jewels to your design.
The possibilities are endless.

You can also vary the colors depending on the preferences of your clients!

Master FanFan's delicate flower nail art and have fun creating your own variations!
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