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10. Combined Choreography

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avex kids' dance lesson number 10!

We'll practice all the steps we've learned thus far in one huge, combined choreography!

In this lesson, KIDO, who is a dance instructor here at avex kids' dance academy,
will be compiling all the different kinds of steps that we've been learning into one choreography and teaching it to us.

You won't think of yourself as a beginner dancer once you've come this far!
Let's have fun dancing all of steps and moves we've learned to some groovy music.

"Even though I spent so much effort trying to remember each and every step, I can't do it."
"Doing it individually in practice in fine, but connecting everything and dancing a choreography is impossible."

These thoughts might have crossed your children's minds before.

Have no fear. In this lesson, we'll be connecting steps bit by bit and practicing them thoroughly,
with the focus on being able to dance the entire thing smoothly.

In the first half of the lesson, we'll practice the transition moves between each individual step
in order to create a smooth choreography that flows from one step into the next.

In the second half of the lesson, we will finally dance the entire choreography to music.
Each step we have learned will be danced as part of one larger, connecting choreography.

Once you're able to dance this entire choreography smoothly, you'll definitely feel like your dancing has levelled up.

Since this a lesson targeted at children, if you're a parent, feel free to use this video as a reference for how to teach your children.

Also, this video has been mirrored for viewing purposes,
so all you have to do is follow exactly what you see on the screen.

If there are any parts in the choreography you feel like you can't do well, feel free to replay those parts of the video as many times as you like.
Let's all master this amazing choreography.

Music by: Miyashita Kanta

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