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7. Charleston Twist

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avex kids' dance lesson number 7!

This time, we'll be learning about two new dance steps: the Charleston and the twist!

In this lesson, KIDO, who is a dance instructor here at avex kids' dance academy,
will be giving us a detailed lecture on how to execute the Charleston and the twist.

The Charleston is a traditional dance step that's been around for ages, while the twist is an extension of the Charleston.

Both are dance steps that you absolutely must have in your repertoire.

These two steps are a little more complicated than the ones we've learned thus far,
but feel free to replay any parts that were difficult in order to master all the moves completely!

In the first half of this lesosn, we'll be trying out the basics of both steps.

KIDO will explain in detail the trick to executing each step so that your movements look flawless and sharp.

In the second half of the lesson, you'll put together what you've learned to dance a combined choreography.

Once you try it with the music, you'll see just how cool your dancing can be.
And parents, you'll see just how lively your children can get, just by dancing.

These two dance steps have been popular for ages. Once you master them, you'll be able to increase your repertoire of dance moves significantly.

This is a dance lesson where children are the main target audience,
so if you're a parent, feel free to use the advice in this video as a reference for how to teach your children!

Also, this video has been mirrored for viewing purposes,
so all you have to do is follow exactly what you see on the screen.

Let's master these complicated steps
with some help from KIDO and have fun!

Music by: Miyashita Kanta

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