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6. Crab

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avex kids' dance lesson number 6!

This time, we'll be learning a new dance step called the crab!

In this lesson, KIDO, who is a dance instructor here at avex kids' dance academy,
will be teaching us a new dance step called the crab.

It's a hard dance step to learn and you might run into some challenges, but let's focus and practice this step until we master completely!

This dance step is called the crab
because the step itself resembles the side to side movement of a crab.

To tell the truth, this step is one of the steps
many beginners have found difficult.

Since it's just moving from side to side, it might look easy at first, but it's unexpectedly difficult.
Even so, understanding the tips and mastering the step itself will make your dancing look that much more polished and professional.

Even better, with this one step, you'll be able to add so many more choreographies to your repertoire,
so if you're someone who's just started to dance, this is definitely a step you should learn.

In the first half of this lesson, we'll practice the basic crab steps.
We'll start off by going slow, and once you've gotten the hang of it we'll dance to some more interesting beats with KIDO.

In the second half of the lesson, we'll be taking on some more challenging choreographies that use the crab in different ways.
By following the detailed instructions from KIDO as well as his tips and tricks,
we'll be able to achieve a cooler and more polished performance!

This is a dance lesson where children are the main target audience,
so if you're a parent, feel free to use this video as a reference for how to teach your children!

Also, this video has been mirrored to help you practice easier,
so all you have to do is follow exactly what you see on the screen.

Feel free to replay any parts you don't quite understand as many times as you want.
Take your time to master this dance step completely.

Let's master the crab in KIDO's lesson
and up the level of your dance in a way your friends haven't!

Music by: Miyashita Kanta

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