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5: Dancing using Isolation

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avex kids' dance lesson number 5!

Show off your dance skills by mastering isolation!
In this video, we will learn dance moves and a new choreography that uses isolation.

In this lesson, KIDO, who is a dance instructor here at avex kids' dance academy,
will be teaching us a dance choreography that makes use of isolation!

Isolation is a skill that can boost the level of your dancing considerably.

Once we've learned the basics of how to do isolation,
let's continue to get better at it by trying an entire choreography that's all about using only certain parts of the body.

In the previous lesson, we practiced the basics of how to move our head, our chest and our hips separately,
and in this lesson we'll be using just those isolation movements in the choreography.

This is a lesson in which you can practice the basics thoroughly while learning new tricks on how to polish your dancing so that all your moves look sharp.

Included in this video are: tips on the parts of your body you should be moving as well as those you should not be, concrete ideas on what your dance should look like,
tricks on how to perform dance moves more beautifully, and how to make your overall dance look more polished.

And of course, at the end of the lesson, there'll be a chance to dance the entire choreography to music.

Hidden within the simple movements of isolation are some key techniques:
making every movement as big and obvious as possible, for example.

The things you'll learn in this video can be applied to many dance moves and choreographies,
so your knowledge of dance will definitely increase.

Also, all the moves in this video are mirrored to help you practice easier,
so all you have to do is follow exactly what you see on the screen.

The lesson is conducted such that the target audience group is children,
so parents who wish to teach their children how to dance, please do consider using this video as a guide.

Let's master KIDO's fun new choreography,
which is made up of steps that are all derived from isolation moves.

Music by: Miyashita Kanta

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