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3. Front Back・Kick Step・Review Choreography

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avex kids' dance lesson number 3!

This time, we'll be learning how to do two dance steps called the "frontback" and the "kickstep" in detail!

In this lesson, KIDO, who is a dance instructor at avex kids' dance academy,
will teach us how to perform the frontback and the kickstep while explaining in detail the key points about each dance step!

Let's make use of the down rhythm and the hop step we already learned
to master these two new dance steps.

Today's lesson will cover the "frontback" and the "kickstep".

Just like the running man we learned previously, these steps are also essential dance moves that you simply have to learn.

In this one video, we'll be able to master two staple dance steps and expand our knowledge of dance!

In the first half of this lesson, we'll be learning the basics of the frontback and the kickstep.

While showing us some bad examples, KIDO will be explaining in extreme detail the points to take note of so we can execute the dance moves flawlessly (e.g. using force when you jump, etc).
On top of teaching us how to perform each dance step, he also introduces some must-see points for parents watching with their children.

In the second half of this lesson, we'll be connecting the running man from the previous lesson with the two steps we just learned in a new choreography.

Even if you're a beginner, we've come this far already, so let's all get into dance!
The more steps you know, the more fun dancing becomes!

The video has been flipped horizontally,
so you can just mirror what you see on the screen.

With KIDO's easy-to-understand way of speaking and interesting personality, it'll be a blast learning these two new dance steps! Let's all give it a try!
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