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Mini Frame Made with Gold Luster and an Initial

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Comes with a downloadable pattern!
A lesson packed with techniques to help you create your own gold luster framed initial.

In today's lesson, you'll learn how to make a luxurious plate covered in gold luster.
This is a lesson that comes with a downloadable pattern you can use!

This mini frame plate makes full use of a variety of gold luster techniques,
and is recommended for those who teach porcelain art and want to increase their skill level.

This is a piece made using a combination of various techniques,
so you can learn many techniques at once.

Kimura will focus on explaining how to make a beautiful plate
while going through each and every step carefully.

More specifically, she will teach you

◯How to completely erase the preliminary pencil marks
◯How to handle shiny gold luster and matte gold luster
◯What to use to transfer the design onto the plate clearly
◯How to correct any mistakes you make when tracing out the initial
◯How to apply gold luster to the border of the porcelain and tips for sticking on masking tape
◯What to take note of when tracing detailed designs

and more.

It's a lesson that is filled to the brim
with tips that'll make the whole process smoother!

Once you've learned how to make today's design, there'll be no doubt that your repertoire will increase!

You could make a plate garnished with a single gold initial,
or decorate a standing object like a mug with one!

How to make use of masking tape, how to draw a design by etching it can make use of such techniques in other works as well.

You can make use of these techniques in a wide range of art pieces, so master them and apply them freely to your work!

Those who are teaching porcelain art, take this lesson!
This is a lesson that comes with a license that allows you to teach this in your classes.
If you don't require the license, click here

You can apply what you've learned to many other art pieces, so please do master these techniques and make use of them in your workshops!
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