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Basic Stroke Practice - Lower Case Letters (Classical)-

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Comes with Ms. Shimano's original guid sheet! (Available after purchasing)

Try this lesson if you're a beginner in classical calligraphy!
We will lecture you on how to write antique-looking, classical style letters.

This lesson is on lower case letters of classical calligraphy.
These classical letters can be used in cards for various situations.

In calligraphy, there are 2 kinds of styles, the modern style, and the classical style.

These days, the modern style is popular for the freely arranged letters,
but the neatly aligned letters of the classical style are starting to increase in fans for the good-old-fashioned atmosphere that they have.

This lesson focuses on the lower case letters of the classical style.
We will teach you the tips to write beautiful letters while actually demonstrating how to write them.

- what to focus on in order to write neat letters
- drawing nice ovals
- tips on drawing well-balanced downstrokes

are the main points of this lesson.

Ms. Shimano actually writes the letters as she teaches,
so you can watch and learn how to move the nib.

This lesson comes with a practice sheet that you can download to use.

Those who take this lesson can download the practice sheet
from the bottom of the page with the clip.
*Not a traceable practice sheet, but a sheet with guidelines.

Print out several copies,
and practice over and over again, watching the clip of the lesson.

We teach from A to Z, writing them slowly and explaining the tips for each letter.
Try writing at the same time, and master how to write the letters beautifully.

If you haven't yet mastered the capital letters of the classical style,
also try this lesson!
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