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Cutie Ribbon Nail Art

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Unlimited customization options!
A lesson on how to create delicate ribbon decorations with acrylic!

In today's lesson, you will be taught how to make large three-dimensional ribbon decorations.
You'll be learning how to make cute, delicate ribbons with acrylic powder.

For large decoration pieces that instantly glam up your nails, the impression they give has a large effect on the overall vibe of the final product.

The ribbons that you'll be making today are to be made with special attention to detail.
By making use of the characteristics of acrylic, you'll be able to make classy ribbon decorations.

For customers who want to try attaching large decoration pieces but aren't too fond of flashy nail art,
this is a cute decoration piece that you can recommend!

Other than tips on how to give your finished product a delicate feel and what special items to use, you'll also be taught...

◯How to pick up a bead of acrylic and the proper bead cosistency
◯How to make the ribbon delicate but strong
◯How to apply coating when attaching the ribbon to your nail
◯How to prevent the gel polish from runnning when applying coating near the cuticle

and more.

You'll be shown how to actually attach the ribbon to the nail tip,
so you won't find yourself lost when trying to add the finishing touches to your nail art.

What's more, the ribbon decoration made today can be stored for later use.
By making ribbons in many colors beforehand, you'll be able to shorten the time it takes for your to do the actual nail art for your customers.

Also, adding dots to your ribbons like in the sample that An showed will make for a gorgeous finish.

Let's make ribbons in various colors or patterns to suit your customers' requests or for use in other designs!

Master the way to make large, delicate decoration pieces and use them actively in your salon work.
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