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【Diploma Available】Aurora petal x Bijou Basic

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By completing this lesson, you will be eligible to apply for the diploma. Interested students can do so from My Page.


A cheerful flower design perfect for summer!
A lesson on how to make 3D flowers to glam up your fingertips!

In today's lesson, you'll learn how to paint aurora flowers with a 3D look.
Flower nail art that's perfect for summer where you just want to pamper yourself with bright, gorgeous nails.

Use mixed colors, gel polish and an airbrush to make aurora flowers that stand out from the crowd.
By mastering the techniques taught in this lesson, you'll be able to instantly give your nails a glamorous, summer look.

In today's lesson, an airbrush will be used to apply color onto the nails,
but the teacher will also introduce a type of gel that can be used in place of an airbrush,
so those who don't have an airbrush on hand can go ahead and take this lesson too!

The aim of this lesson is not just to create plump flower petals, but also to add a sense of movement to them.
Without adding a sense of movement, the design will look monotonous and seem to lack detail.

In this lesson, An will give you tips on how to create flower petals with a sense of movement.

In addition to that, she will also...

◯Give you tips on how to arrange the petals in a nice way
◯Teach you how to cover up mistakes made by coloring parts other than the petals
◯Show you how to apply coating to give your flowers a 3D feel
◯Show you a simple step to make your nails even more sparkly

and more.

In addition, An will show you how to embellish the center of the flower with gem stones while teaching you the basics of embellishing nail art.

For those who are hesitant to jump straight into an actual nail embellishment lesson...
grasp the basics of embellishing in this lesson!

In this lesson, An will be painting pink flowers with a yellow center,
but feel free to customize the colors to your own liking.

The fun thing about summer nails is that you can use a wide variety of colors,
so try putting together all sorts of colors when doing your own nails!

Also, in this lesson, multiple petals were drawn onto a single nail,
but it will look pretty even with just one petal!

Add your own spin to this design and have fun making aurora 3D flower nail art!
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