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【Diploma Available】Bijou set -un tiara+ × un tiara flat-

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You will be eligible for the purchase of the diploma by taking this lesson.
If you wish to purchase it, you can do so on "my page" later. (extra charge required)The diolpma is to be shipped via mail.We will contact you individually when you have purchased the certificate.


In this lesson, An will teach you how to properly jewel your nails!

This lesson will go over two glamorous and feminine jewel nail designs!

In this lesson, An will go over 2 kinds of jewel nail designs.

The first lesson will be using large silver parts,
such as pearls and similar flourishings.
The second lesson will be a mature and elegant design
using chains and gold parts flat on the nail.

Jewel designs can make one's fingers stunningly glamorus.
Mastering it will give you an upper hand in your salon work.

An's jewel nail designs are perfect for customers going to important events such as weddings.
These full-blown designs are best for glamorous celebrations.

In this lesson, you'll learn not just how to create beautiful looks,
but also how to properly fix the jewels in place so they don't interfere with the customers daily life.

Longevity is very important when flourishing nails with jewels.
This lesson will carefully lecture how to stably attach the jewels.

In addition, tips such as

◯How to prevent the gel from leaking over the cuticle
◯How to make the fingers look beautiful with large pearl decorations
◯How to decorate jewel designs that won't catch onto things
◯How to coat small beads

will be included in this lesson.

This lesson is a must for those who want to improve their jewel designs,
and those who want to start providing proper jewel nail art in their salon work!

The silver and gold designs included in this lesson go well with any color.
Please try experimenting with different color combinations!

Once you master it, it's sure to be successful in your salon work.

As long as you follow the advice, you'll be able to make long-lasting jewel designs that don't interfere with everyday activities!
Please enjoy practicing and improving your jeweling skills!