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Ink Art -Blur flower × Ink nuance-

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Artwork with ink nuance!

This lesson will teach you how to create elegant fingertips with delicate designs!

This lesson will go over two ink textured nail designs.

The first half will teach you how to create pink flower motifs,
and the second half will teach you how to create a beautiful flowing blue artwork.

This lesson will be using a kind of watercolor ink instead of gel.
You'll be able to create delicate designs different from typical gel nail art.

This lesson will teach you what kind of watercolor ink to use,
how to use your brush to create intricate details, and how to use shades of color to give it an elaborate look.

In addition, tips such as

◯How to pick up watercolor ink
◯How to add motion to the design and avoid monotonous patterns
◯How to properly blend the colors

are included in the lesson

This is a voluminous lesson with two designs,
each using the same technique.

Once you master the ink nuance art, you can arrange it however you like.

By learning a skill separate from typical gel art, the scope of your designs is sure to widen.

The two designs shown in this lesson can be done in different colors.
Try arranging them with seasonal colors or to your customer's tastes!

Adding stickers and stones can make it even more glamorous.
Please experiment with this design as you like!
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