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Recreate the colorfulness and brilliance of stained glass on your nail!
A lesson on stained glass-style nail art for when you want to make your nails look more glamorous.

In today's lesson, you will be taught how to make a stained glass-style nail art using a variety of colors.
It's a colorful design that'll make your nails look brighter.

The biggest allure of stained glass nail art is the translucency.
The reason why stained glass nail art gives off a beautiful glow when light hits it is because it has translucency.

In this lesson, you will learn the techniques that will help you create that kind of effect on nails.

This lesson is full of pointers that will help you achieve a beautiful end product such as what gels to use and how to overlap the colors.

In addition to that, you will also be taught

◯What color to use for the base to make the colors look even brighter
◯What to take note of so that the colors are balanced
◯How to overlap the colors to produce a sense of depth and what to do before overlapping
◯How to draw an outline around the nail to make it look even more like stained glass

and more.

This is a design that can make use of the colors you don't normally use to create a sophisticated piece of art,
so try using gel colors that you haven't in a while!

There's no right answer for what color to use in stained glass art, so feel free to customize the colors used.

You can design your own stained glass art with whatever colors you like.

A colorful and bright design perfect for the warmer seasons like spring and summer, and of course, can be used for pedicures as well.

Get your pedicure, a staple of summer, done bright and colorful
using Fanfan's stained glass nail art!

Master this and make use of it in your salon work!