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【Certificate Available】Chinese Jewelry

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You will be eligible for the purchase of the certificate by taking this lesson.
If you wish to purchase it, you can do so on "my page" later. (extra charge required, 3,000 yen + tax + shipping cost)The certificate is to be shipped via mail.We will contact you individually when you have purchased the certificate.

※You will be charged for the shipping cost to the address outside of Japan.


Jewerely on your fingertips!
Today's lesson will be on Fanfan's handmade nail art filled with her philosophies.

Today's lesson will be teaching how to draw the Chinese Jewerely using
Riccagel's blue coloring, newly introduced in spring,

The method in drawing the Chinese Jewerely will be taught by showing the actual procedure
taken by Fanfan in her salon work, applying the colors in her artwork while she is vieweing the real image.

The biggest characteristic of the Chinese Jewrely is its antique nature.

Despite the main color, vivid blue, being far apart from an antique theme,
it is remarkable how she expresses the antique texture out of it.


◯Points to remember when referring to a picture
◯How to apply shading without creating a monotonous impression
◯How to create the plump portion in the middle using gel
◯The extra effort in establishing a depth feeling and an elaborate impression

will also be taught in the lesson.

She will thoroughly explain the process to complete a delicate and antique impression just like a sample picture.

The darkness of the blue coloring can be adjusted however you wish, so the art itself can be successful not limited to summer but rather the entire year.
The jewerely will be largely drawn on the nail, thus it is a suitable design for summer's foot nail.

Furthermore, the color arrangements can be made however you wish.
Other than blue, you could use orange to establish a cute design.

Please try to learn Fanfan's realistic and delicate style of handmade nail art!