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Give the trending snakeskin nails a mature look!
Learn how to do a brightly-colored snakeskin design which is a must for the spring/summer season.

Through this lesson, learn how to do mayu's style of snakeskin nails.

The snakeskin design is essential for the autumn/winter season
but in this lesson you will learn how to use bright colors for the spring/summer season.

In order to create a design that is fitting for spring and summer, you need "lightness" rather than subtleness.
In this lesson, you will learn the tips and tricks for creating a realistic snakeskin pattern
including which colors to use to create a snakeskin pattern with lightness.

Along with the full snakeskin pattern nail design, you will also learn a French nail version.
You will learn the important points for each nail art.

You will also learn:

◆How to draw a beautiful and well-balanced French line
◆How to apply the gel evenly without messing up the French line
◆The tools and materials used to draw the python's eyes
◆The tips for creating a detailed snakeskin pattern

These are just some of the many points that will be discussed in this lesson.

In this lesson, the nail design will be done with black colors for a mature look
but as you can see on mayu's Instagram page, you can change the colors at your will.

Many different styles of the snakeskin design will be introduced,
so try adding your own touches with inspiration from those images.

Please enjoy learning and mastering the brightly-colored snakeskin nail art, an essential trending design for the spring/summer season.