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【m.d.a mayu × ryo kitamura Collaboration】OPENING TALK

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MIROOM's first collaborative art lesson by m.d.a mayu and ryo kitamura!
Be prepared to laugh and learn!

Watch MIROOM's first ever collaborative lesson!
The lecturers of this unprecedented attempt are mayu, owner of m.d.a NAiL, and ryo kitamura, owner of ryokitamura aoyama.

The two leading nail artists of MIROOM will take on the challenge
to deliver the special, collaborative nail art lesson.

Instructors mayu and ryo each created a main art
based on the color coral pink, the trend color of 2019.

One creates the main art, which the other overlaps with their own art, creating a fusion art!

When mayu creates the main art, ryo adds some chic effect.
When it's ryo's turn, mayu jazzes up the design.

mayu and ryo each created a coral pink art to show at the shooting date.
In the short period of time that they were given to plan, they came up with many brilliant ideas.

Will they be able to come together and create a design fit for salon work?
Watch the lesson to see
the two instructors face the challenge.

The two have a great conversation, in which they talk about
the important values when performing techniques or creating art.

Listen to the two chat about some behind-the-scenes salon work stories to giggly chatters!
What's better than to learn an art while listening to mayu and ryo?

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