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Box with Charniere

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Great for storing small items and perfect as a home decor!
Learn how to make a charnièrebox with a lid!

This lesson comes with a downloadable PDF image!
In this lesson, learn how to make a charnière box with a lid so that it's convenient to carry around!

Cartonnage is a traditional craft from France that works with thick layers of paper.
Boxes would be constructed out of thick paper, where paper and felt was then adhered to.

For those who have masteredthe basics of cartonnage,
kozue will teach you how to make a charnière box with a lid connected to it in this lesson.

Specifically, you will learn

◆One extra step to make the boxes stronger
◆How to give it a beautiful finish
◆Tips to making the hinges
◆Key points to adhering the fabric on beautifully
◆How to make the lid

This lesson is packed with many techniques and tips that are crucial to creating boxes with hinges.

Also, pay attention to how the ribbon is attached to the box.
This technique can be used on other cartonnage pieces as well, so it's a must-see!

Once you're able to make it just like the instructor,
please do try to change the layout freely.

You can use stripe patterned fabric and match it with white ribbon to make it look very sophisticated,
or you can also make it even more gorgeous with a gold or silver ribbon.

You can come up with different combinations of the fabric on the inside and outside and create a charnière box that's highly original.

This design has a lid attached to it, so it's very practical as well!

You can put your little trinkets inside, or carry it around in a bag,
If you add partitions, you can also turn it into a jewelry box.

Please use this chance to master creating a box with hinges, and make your own charnière!
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