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Portable Ribbon Tray

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Try this lesson after you've mastered how to make the basic square tray!
Learn how to make a portable tray with ribbons!

This lesson follows Basic Box: Square Tray and is for those who have mastered basic cartonnage
and demonstrates how to make a foldable ribbon tray that's easy to carry.

In the lesson for the basic square tray, many fabrics were attached to cardboard to make a single box.
However, this lesson will only use 1 piece of fabric and attach many pieces of cardboard to it to make a tray that can be folded flat.

On top of that, the instructor will teach a technique to attach ribbon to the corners.
Adding ribbon makes the tray super cute.

In addition, the video explains:

◯How to put cotton on the bottom of the tray to make it fluffy
◯Tips for a beautiful finish
◯One extra step to keep the ribbons from falling off

and much more.

This is another lesson filled with many tips and techniques.

A tray that's foldable can be carried easily,
so you can use it on trips, or enjoy it in your home as interior decoration!

By mastering how to put several pieces of cardboard on a single fabric to make a tray,
you can vary your cartonnage projects in many ways.

You can make a tray of different sizes, with various ribbons and colors.
The sky is the limit.

The procedure itself is simple, so even if you just watched Basic Box: Square Tray , don't worry.
Cartonnage beginners are also welcome to try this lesson!
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