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Intaglio Rose

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A gel inlay with a dainty rose.
The video will show you how to make an intaglio rose using gel powder and a spatula.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a nail design with a 3D rose called an intaglio rose.
The way Saori makes this design is somewhat different from many of her flower designs.

An intaglio rose is a jewelry charm with an embedded rose.
In this lesson, Saori recreates an intaglio rose on a nail.

The 3D rose embedded in gel is made from gel powder,
and Saori uses a spatula instead of a brush to create the rose.

While using her antique-looking spatula by BLC
she shares lots of useful tips such as why she prefers the spatula to a brush,
the right amount of powder and the right thickness of the 3D part for inlaying.

She also explains;

◯How to contour the rose to create a 3D appearance
◯How to create beautiful petals
◯How to layer colors to give the design more depth and appeal
◯How to coat the 3D rose without air bubbles

and more.

She also thoroughly explains the ratio of the gel powder to color gel for mixing,
and how to place the rose and leaves together with a good balance.

She shares a way to finish the design without embedding the rose,
which is a great bonus if you want to expand your nail design portfolio.

The rose with a dainty and an elegant impression will be very popular
with customers who are attending a wedding or a coming of age/graduation/entrance ceremony.

In the video, Saori combines a pinkish base color with a white rose,
but your choice of colors is unlimited so you can make it with your favorite colors.