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Yoga for the Whole Body (Loosen your joints and refresh your body!)

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Tone your body easily at home!
In this lesson, you will move your whole body.

Learn easy exercises from instructor aya, a yoga creator from avex Management!

The exercises in this lesson include dynamic poses
that allow you to do lots of work in a short time.
The instructor explains how to obtain a flexible body and build up your core.

Yoga is recently very popular among women seeking health and beauty.
It's very easy to start yoga too because space for 1 person and a mat are all you need.

Many also start yoga to prevent swelling or to lose weight without pushing yourself too much.

"The jeans don't fit anymore..."

"I want to get into shape for summer!"

How about taking a little break from busy work, household chores, or parenting
and trying out exercises that can easily be done at home?

In this lesson, yoga creator aya explains
the key points of some yoga exercises at home!

◆Those who want to wear bikinis confidently
◆Those who want to wear tight jeans and skirts stylishly
◆Those who want to move the body for a change

If one of the points above fits you, then this lesson is a must-see!
The exercise shown in the lesson consists of dynamic and traditional yoga poses. The instructor gives a comprehensive explanation of what you should think about to become flexible and build your core.

Following the detailed instruction and moving your body will
make you feel as if you are actually exercising at a yoga studio!

The online lesson lets you experience the real yoga at the comfort of your own home.

Use the lessons to effectively shape up and obtain a feminine and elegant figure. You will be able to wear tight clothes stylishly.

So take some time in between your hectic work or house chores
and try these easy exercises at home!