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Yoga for the Lower Body (Relieve your swelling, get slender legs and toned-up buttocks!)

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Tone your body easily at home!
Today's lesson will be focused on your lower body ♪

An easy exercise taught by aya, a member of the avex management and a yoga creator!

In today's lesson, she will lecture poses that will shape up your hips, give you slender legs, and relieve your swelling.

Recently, yoga is popular among grown women who seek beauty and health.
The convenience of being able to start it with just a space for one and a yoga mat, is also its attraction.

There also are many people who start it to relieve swelling, or want to lose weight without too much strain.

"My jeans are tight these days..."

"I want to wear a tight skirt"

"I want to nicely lose weight towards summer!"

How about those people also start this easy at-home exercise,
taking a little break from your busy work and parenting?

In today's lesson, aya, a yoga creator, will explain the important points of the easy shape up exercise of your lower body that you can easily try at home!

◆want to wear bikinis with confidence
◆want to beautifully wear tight jeans and skirts
◆want to refresh in a short amount of time

Those people need to watch this!
With the original exercise made by aya, who knows all about the body functions,
she will neatly explain the important points needed to enhance the effects of shaped up hips and beautiful legs.

Following the detailed instruction and moving your body will
make you feel as if you are actually exercising at a yoga studio!

The online lesson lets you experience the real yoga at the comfort of your own home.

If you can get your lower body to tone up effectively,
you might be able to have lots of fun this season at beaches and pools!

So take some time in between your hectic work or house chores
and try these easy exercises at home!
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