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Basic Strokes Exercise

02 kihon stroke square 01
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Including the download link for the Original Guide Sheet by Instructor Shimano!
This time, the instructor will teach beginners how to write basic strokes!

If you are a calligraphy beginner, start from this lesson!
In this lesson, we will give you a detailed explanation of how to write strokes that are essential for writing the alphabet!

Grab your calligraphy tools, and let's get started!

The term "strokes" in caligraphy refers to the movement of the pen.

There are several types of strokes. Only when you master how to write these strokes, you will be able to write the alphabet very beautifully.

Even instructor Shimano practices basic strokes before getting to write letters.

During this lesson, we will thoroughly explain all the knacks and techniques of basic strokes so that even beginners could easily understand!

We will teach you how to write vertical strokes, upstrokes, downstrokes, ovals, and s-curved strokes.

The lesson is fulled with instructor Shimano's detailed explanation. For example, how to add pressure to the pen or what angle to use to write letters neatly.

If you have any struggle in the process, you can repeat practicing for as long as you wish. This is one of the advantages of online courses.

In the very beginning, it may be difficilt to write strokes exactly as a sample shows.
Watch carefully and imprint movements of the nib on your mind. Learn these basic steps one by one!

Let's master basic strokes - a training to write beautiful and delicate alphabet letters!

※The Original Guide Sheet is in the format of a guideline only, it is not a practising template.
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