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Upper Body Yoga (Relieve shoulder stiffness and slim down your face!)

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Easy, quick, and no need for extra requirements!
Here is the basic yoga lesson focused on shaping the upper body.

The yoga creator from avex managements, aya will be teaching this simple exercise!

This lesson will be teaching how to shape up your upper arms
and neck by firmly moving your scapula!

In recent years, yoga has gained popularity from grown woman seeking for beauty and health.
Its easiness is also one its attractions, as you only need a space for yourself and a yoga mat.

More and more people are starting yoga to remove their swellings and for a diet without pushing themselves too much.

Also, not only yoga helps tone your body,
but it can help soothe and stabilize your mind as well!

How would you like to take a brak from your job, housework or child caring
and begin an exercise that you can easily do at home?

For this lesson, yoga creator aya will be thoroughly explaining the points in the upper body exercise that you can easily try at your living room or bed room!

This is a must-see lesson if you...
◆Want to slim down your upper arms and neck
◆Want to fix painful stiff shoulders
◆Want to feel refreshed in a short period of time

Following aya's effective guide along with her deep knowledge about the human anatomy,
let's shape up the areas around your neck and shoulders, while carefully loosening up the scapula.

Following the detailed instruction and moving your body will
make you feel as if you are actually exercising at a yoga studio!

The online lesson lets you experience the real yoga at the comfort of your own home.

If you take a deep breath and slowly do the pose,
the distressed mind can be refreshed before you realize it.

So take some time in between your hectic work or house chores
and try these easy exercises at home!
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