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Crash Stripe

1023 square 01
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A casual look with the right amount of roughness!
This lesson will teach you how to create a mature stripe pattern.

This lesson will show you how to create a mature and slightly rough stripe pattern.
This elaborate but quick stripe design is sure to be useful in your salon work.

This crash stripe design has a slightly uneven color order.
It creates its mature atmosphere by blurring the gel at its color borders.

You can recommend this design to customers of all ages.

The scuffed texture is made with a brush technique.
With the wrong brush technique, the colors may blend together too much and ruin the stripes.

In this lesson, in addition to the brushwork, tips such as:

◆What order to apply the colors
◆When to apply white
◆How to create depth to the stylish stripe pattern

will be included.

Advice on what order to apply the colors and how much pressure to add will be explained clearly
so that you can create a stripe pattern with the right amount of blur.

There are many kinds of stripe patterns in nail art,
but meg's stripe art is sure to be a hit with your salon customers once you master it.

Not only is it quick, it also allows for a wide variety of color combinations.
This design can be applied to many age groups.

Please practice this pattern and make it a part of your salon work!
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