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Melty Colors

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A nuance design in which colors mix as if they're melting together!
A lesson on a design with a wide range of arrangements that could be finished in a short amount of time!

Today's lesson will be on a design in which many colors mix as if they're melting together.
It's a design that looks fancy but can actually be done really easily.

The important point of this design is to beautifully mix together gels of multiple colors on the nail.
In order to do that, you need to know how to move the brush and how to place the colors.

This lesson will let you easily understand the brush moves and the order and the place to place the colors.

Also, other than that,

◆tips on how to nicely balance out colors
◆how to adjust the pressure on your brush in order to cleanly stretch out the color
◆a little twist to keep the design from getting boring

will be lectured.

Today, the process, of surrounding the design with gold glitter and making finishing touches with a smiley face with gold pieces, will also be lectured.

By using multiple colors, the design produces a fancy impression,
but it can be finished up really quickly, so it's a perfect artwork for busy salon work.

If you master the brush moves and the order to place the colors, you can freely arrange the colors as you like.

Today's lesson will use the red type of colors,
but using the green type of colors, as shown in the image, also makes it fabulous.

You can use cool colors and match gold pieces in the summer,
or use the brown type of colors and match matte pieces in the autumn,
to enjoy many different arrangements!

It's a quick design that you can use in your salon work right away, so please try mastering it!