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Over laid Foil

1020 square 01
1020 square 02
Super quick design useful for the salon work!
This will be a lecture on how to create a simple and cute design using foil!

The lesson this time will be by instructor meg on how to do a foil art design in a very short time.
A lecture on a foil art design which can be used in salon work instantly.

The biggest charm of instructor meg's art is that it can be done really quickly.
Though short, there are various tips and tricks included in the process.

In this lesson, meg will focus on explaining the point of how to beautifully overlap foils in different colors .
The order of pasting and the position of pasting will also be well lectured.

In addition, you're going to be learning

◆How to achieve a color balance
◆Recommended colors for the base
◆Knacks on the top gel coating

and more, with explanations on the tricks of making a foil art with a good balance.

By using foil, the art instantly becomes more extravagant and so
it is a very useful design for busy salon works.

When the sequence and positions of foil pasting are mastered, you can apply them to other works.

The foils that meg shares during the lesson have quite a lot of color variations,
so please try them using your own preferred color as the main color!

In the lesson, pink is going to be used as the main color,
but when applying to 5 fingers, you could also enjoy the arrangements of changing the main colors of each finger.

Depending on the customer, combining the art with decorations of chains or stones could also be a lovely option.

A time saving and also instantly usable art in salon works, please give it a try!
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