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How to draw full-body illustrations

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Try full-body illustrations!
Expand the variety of your illustrations by learning how to draw the full-body in Aiko's style.

In this lesson, learn to draw the full human body.
This technique is often used in fashion illustrations seen on Instagram.

The most difficult part of drawing the body is making it balanced.
Even if you've decided on the style inside your head, it's surprisingly hard to draw it out in the same way.

This time, the focus will be on tips that will help you whenever you're drawing the human body.

Learn basic techniques that will allow you to draw a well-balanced full-body illustration
as long as you master them.

Specifically, learn to

◯ Place guidelines before drawing
◯ The order to drawing different parts so that it will look balanced
◯ One extra step to make it look realistic

and much more, along with key points on how to make it balanced.

Combine techniques you mastered in the basic lessons to create original illustrations!

By learning how to draw the entire body, you will certainly be able to give your illustrations variety.

You can draw fashion illustrations, draw them on message cards for friends,

You can start as long as you have a sketchbook and a pen,
so beginners can easily try this and enjoy the process of drawing illustrations.

For those that haven't mastered how to draw the basic face, you may start the lesson here!
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