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How to Draw Japanese and Caucasian Faces

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Take this lesson once you have learned the basics of face drawing!

This tutorial shows the steps for drawing Japanese and Caucasian facial features.

Learn how to draw Japanese and Caucasian faces.
This lesson teaches techniques and tips for drawing facial features specific to Japanese and other faces.

You may be able to picture the different features of various faces in your mind,
but to draw them as illustrations can be harder than you might think.

This lesson teaches how to render specific characteristics as illustrations
and how to create a visual distinction between the two.

To help you understand the unique characteristics of each face, the instructor draws
a profile view of Japanese and Caucasian female faces with short hair for comparison.

The tutorial specifically teaches:

◯The difference in the shape of the forehead
◯How to depict deep-set eyes
◯The difference in the distances between the mouth and nose

It includes various tips for drawing distinctive facial features.

Through this lesson, you will learn how to draw a face in profile view,
so if you ever had difficulty drawing side profiles, this lesson is also for you!

Understanding how to draw different faces will definitely expand the types of illustrations you can draw!

Once you know how to draw people, you can add various illustrations to
greeting cards, business cards, or personal letters to make them more attractive.

All you need is a sketching pad and a pen,
so give it a try even if you are a drawing beginner.

For those of you who want to start from the basics of face drawing, the basic tutorial is available from here!
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